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Architects Cubed Inc is an award-winning architectural firm established in 1995. The office works across a diverse range of projects within the fields of architecture and interior architecture and is particularly recognized for its skills and excellence in design. The practice strives to produce a contemporary Caribbean architecture which is indigenous, modern and timeless.


1st Place Barbados National Trust Awards 2012
Bajan Service’s “Newton House” office, new build non-residential category
1st Place Barbados National Trust Awards 2012
“Shoestring”—new build residential category
1st Runner up Caribbean Building Awards 2006
Bajan Service’s “Newton House” Office, commercial/office/industrial small category
1st Runner up Caribbean Building Awards 2006
Aqua Restaurant, tourism/entertainment category


MACO, volume 12 issue 2 (‘Shoestring’)
Collection Houses, published by Braun in 2009 (‘Shoestring’)
1000 x Architecture of the Americas, published by Braun in 2008 (‘Shoestring’)
Architectural Review, July 2006 (‘Place’ critical essay)
Architectural Digest, April 2001 (Cotton House Hotel, Mustique)
Island Life, September/November 2001 (‘Tanglewood’)
Twenty- five Beautiful Homes, August 2001 (‘Tanglewood’)
Twenty-five Beautiful Homes, September 2000 (‘In the Trees’)
Island Life, June/August 2000 (‘In the Trees’)
Signature Barbados 2000 edition (Cable and Wireless Communications Centre)
Island Life, September/November 1999 (‘Terracot’)
Twenty-five Beautiful Homes, July 1999 (‘Terracot’)


Linda Moore received her Bachelor’s of Arts in Architecture degree and Post Graduate Diploma in Architecture from Kingston University, UK. Linda obtained her chartered status in 1988 and worked in both Trinidad and in the UK prior to returning to Barbados in 1991 and subsequently establishing Architects Cubed. She is a registered architect in both the United Kingdom and in Barbados.

Shawna Beechley holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design and a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration with a Concentration in hotel design and analysis. Following her marriage to a Barbadian she moved to Barbados in 1994 and shortly thereafter established Architects Cubed. She is a registered architect in Barbados.

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