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Bella Casa Designs Ltd.

Bella Casa

Bella Casa Designs Ltd. is a full-service interior design company offering services that include material specification, custom furniture design, ordering, receiving and installation services for both residential and commercial projects. At Bella Casa we enjoy the personalisation that comes with each project, working closely with our clients and  creating a unique space in any interior design style. We work with our clients to select items that suit their particular needs and budget,therefore ensuring a home or office that reflects their personal style.

Our services range from a single room revamp to overseeing the design choices during the construction phase of a project.  We are happy to work along side our client’s architect and construction team to ensure the entire project runs smoothly and achieves our client’s vision in terms of style and design.

At Bella Casa we understand the importance of using reputable suppliers. We order from wholesale furniture and accessory suppliers throughout the US. We regularly ship containers from Florida to Barbados. We visit several design shows in the US throughout the year and if it is desired, trips can be arranged with the client to visit permanent design showrooms in New York or Florida so clients can view furniture and fabrics first hand. We also work closely with several local furniture makers and artisans to create custom designed bespoke pieces.

At Bella Casa we understand the financial challenges of building and furnishing any project and we have therefore adopted a unique pricing structure to ensure our clients get the best quality and service to suit their budget. Please visit our website or e-mail us at to learn more.