Variety The Children’s Charity



Variety’s destiny began on the evening of December 24, 1928, when the manager of the Sheridan Square Theatre in Pittsburgh found an infant abandoned in the theatre with a note saying:

“Please take care of my baby. Her name is Catherine. I can no longer take care of her. I have eight others. My husband is out of work. She was born on Thanksgiving Day. I have always heard of the goodness of show business and I pray to God that you will look out for her.” A Heart-Broken Mother. It was not long before the Variety Club decided to raise funds for other disadvantaged children, the club’s first fundraising event was held under a circus big top, which is why the circus vernacular is used worldwide within the club structure to this day.


In 1991 Dr. Richard Ishmael, Cardiologist with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), had a dream to establish a five-bed Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) to provide intensive focused care to monitor and treat the most serious conditions of children in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean.

Out of this initial dream and the consuming passion that drove Dr. Ishmael, Michael Pemberton and a dedicated founding group of “Barkers”, the Barbados chapter of Variety- Tent 73 – was born. The group worked assiduously to raise the necessary $200,000 to start a Variety chapter. After two years of fundraising, a registered charity was formed in 1994, eventually receiving its charter from Variety International in April, 1995. On Tuesday September 16th, 1997, Dr. Ishmael’s dream came to fruition. Variety – Tent 73 was instrumental in funding the majority of equipment for a new four-bed PICU within the Paediatric Unit of the QEH. Now equiped with the only PICU in the region, the QEH could handle emergency admissions for young patients requiring various levels of life support and care for immediate post-operative open heart surgical patients, orthopaedic and neurological patients from Barbados and other Caribbean countries. Over the past 9 years the Unit has helped more than 1,000 children receive life-saving procedures. Variety continues its relationship with the PICU, and has now spearheaded a $1million dollar project aimed at the refurbishment and expansion of the Unit.

A bit about Variety:

Variety The Children’s Charity’s mission is to help the sick, needy and disadvantaged children of Barbados and The Eastern Caribbean to reach their full potential. Its purpose is to raise funds to positively impact on the quality of children’s lives.


Members of the public who require assistance with sick or disabled children may appeal to us for consideration. Not all appeals will be accepted but our Appeals Committee promises to thoroughly investigate each appeal and to help wherever possible either directly or by referrals where applicable.


The Substance Abuse Foundation Inc.

Who We Are

The Substance Abuse Foundation Inc. (SAF) is a registered charity of Barbados. The SAF was established in 1996 by a group of concerned citizens who recognised the need to provide a safe and secure environment for the treatment of individuals and families whose lives had been devastated by alcohol and drug dependency. The SAF owns and operates Verdun House, a 90-day abstinence-based, 12 Step-oriented residential treatment programme, a halfway house programme where the clients live on the property and begin the process of integration back into society and a family programme geared to heal the broken and strained relationships with an addict member and preparing the family as a unit to effectively support the recovery process.Verdun House already recognised as a centre of excellence in the region, was opened in July, 2000. Verdun House is accredited by EATA (European Association for the Treatment of Addictions) as of 21 August 2009.

What We Do

Our role is to provide a full continuum of services dedicated to assisting individuals to recover from the physical, emotional and spiritual devastation caused by addiction. Verdun House also sees itself as playing a critical role in combating the stigma associated with addiction is a disease that to this day, is seriously misunderstood.

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The Salvation Army

About Us

The Salvation Army in Barbados, under the theme “Together – Building Tomorrow, Today”, have committed ourselves to a vision of an Army battle – ready to meet the changing challenging of the 21st century.  Our mission is God’s mission, we will express in word and deed and through the totality of our lives the compassion and passion of God for the lost.  Through innovative ventures in mission, message and ministry, we will be at the cutting-edge in bringing life-changing experiences to individuals in our society.

The Barbados & St. Lucia Division has been serving the Peoples of Barbados for 111 years and St. Lucia 107 years respectively.

The Barbados Division has enjoyed phenomenal success in its early years, thereby laying a very firm foundation for the tremendous respect, goodwill and the strong Spiritual and Social influence that The Salvation Army commands in both countries.


Hope Foundation

Hope Foundation is an organisation aimed at being an umbrella of the lesser known chronic conditions not already represented in Barbados.

Its primary objective is to bring hope to the chronically ill, their relatives and friends, through the dissemination of information and the establishment of strong support mechanisms, to improve the quality of life of those who are affected.

Profile of Hope Foundation

Hope Foundation, founded in May 1991, has stuck steadfastly to its primary objective which is creating an awareness of the lesser known chronic illnesses. This has been successfully executed by a group of dedicated and committed volunteers who work well together while sharing a common vision of quality living for all. This has been accomplished against a backdrop of honesty whereby the organisation maintains transparency in all its undertakings.

Hope Foundation has over the last eleven (11) years:

  • Established strong support mechanisms that have allowed our clients to enjoy improved well-being through patient advocacy, encouraged institutional changes. For example, Sickle Cell patients are now seen in the Accident and Emergency department with the same priority as asthmatics
  • Provided opportunities for patients to be constantly educated about their conditions through workshops for newly diagnosed patients
  • Facilitated continuous updating on recent research and treatment through hosting medical conferences.
  • Encouraged better dialogue between doctors and patients. This was particularly evident during the 1st International Conference for Lupus Patients, hosted in Barbados in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, which attracted world renowned physicians and researchers, while bringing to our shores lupus patients from all over the world.
  • Initiated the establishment of the Caribbean Lupus Association in 1997
  • Participated in the establishment of the Caribbean Organisation of Sickle Cell Associations which is led by Prof. Graham Sergeant, a leading exponent on sickle Cell and the founder of the Sickle Cell Research Centre at Mona Campus, Jamaica.

BIBA Charity

The BIBA Charity was established in 2010 as a way for members of the international business community to contribute to the social welfare of Barbados.


The goal of the charity is to provide a simple mechanism for BIBA members, their clients and the wider Barbadian public to give to institutions, other entities and individuals that have existing funding requirements and are actively serving a broad segment of Barbadian society. By facilitating giving in a collective way, it will maximise the international business community’s contributions to Barbados, and enable them to be better measured.


The Charity has three trustees who will serve three year terms and be replaced from BIBA membership. The first three trustees are:

  • Ms. Dawn Williams of Meridian Law
  • Ms. Louisa Ward of PriceWaterhouseCoopers
  • Ms. Lisl Lewis of Southwold Bank and Trust Ltd.

Advisory Council

In addition, an advisory council has been created to monitor the interests of BIBA members and to ensure that the trust remains effectively focused on improving social services in Barbados. The council is composed of:

  • Mrs. Mara Thompson,
  • Mr. Peter Boos
  • Mr. Henderson Holmes

Audit and Systems Controls

The charity will be audited by KPMG annually and will bank with Royal Bank of Canada. None of the trustees or advisory council are paid and the charity is committed to keeping its costs and overheads at a bare minimum.


Public healthcare in general, and specifically the Queen Elizabeth Hospital has been identified as the charity’s primary area of focus, until 2012. In addition to being an institution that serves all Barbados, the QEH has an existing funding requirement for tangible goods and equipment that our charitable donations can assist with immediately, thus saving time and administrative cost and most importantly, helping those in need right away. However, the Charity is fully able to accept and administer donations for a different cause, as specifically requested by donors.


Since the ‘soft’ launch of the charity, $26,000 has been raised so far.  Our goal is to raise $100,000 by December 31st, 2010. To make a donation, please make cheques payable to “BIBA Charity”. Contact details for the BIBA Secretariat and the Trustees are listed below:

BIBA Secretariat
#19 Pine Road, Belleville, St. Michael, Barbados,
Tel: (246) 434-2422
Contact: Henderson Holmes or Carmel Haynes


Lisl Lewis
Southwold Bank & Trust Ltd.
Hastings Main Rd, Christ Church
Tel: (246) 228-9427
Louisa Lewis-Ward
The Financial Services Centre, Bishops Court Hill,
St. Michael
Tel: (246) 626-6756
Dawn Williams
Meridian Law
Ashton House
Strathclyde, St Michael
Tel: (246) 431-6677

The Barbados Community Foundation

The Barbados Community Foundation was established on the 16th day of November 1999, as a private charitable foundation under the charities Act, Cap. 243. The concept of a Community Foundation is widely accepted, and has proven to be credible.

The purpose of the Barbados Community Foundation is to enhance the quality of life in Barbados by sourcing and managing funds, which will be distributed to needy organizations or individuals at the discretion of the trustees.

The Barbados Community Foundation has to date donated approximately $3.8 million to various worthwhile causes within Barbados’ community. We have made donations to assist a wide range of organizations and charities, ranging from elderly people to children, the disabled and visually impaired; the medical aspect of our community through the Cancer Society, HIV/AIDS, Diabetes and Kidney Associations. We have also assisted those in sports, as well as the Special Olympics of Barbados.

The BCF receives several requests for assistance during the year. As soon as a request is received, the Donations Coordinator meets with the individual or organization requesting assistance, assesses the need and prepares a report for the Donations Committee. These reports guide the committee in making a determination on how we may best assist the individual or organization.

Once a donation is approved, the Donations Coordinator maintains a relationship with the recipient to ensure that the funds are being used efficiently, and to lend any further assistance, if necessary.

A donor also has the option to donor direct their funds to any specific charity or individual, and if they require the help of the BCF, we will assist them in maintaining a relationship with their specific charity of choice to ensure that the funds are used effectively.

The Trustees of The Barbados Community Foundation are: Paul Altman, Brian Barnes, Trevor Carmichael, Geoffrey Cave, Terry Hanton and Oliver Jordan.