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Platinum Offshore Management Services, Inc.

Platinum Offshore Management Services

Platinum Offshore Management Services, Inc. is based in Barbados, and has been providing a range of high-quality management and administrative services for many years to the international business community, such as High Net Worth Clients, International Business Companies and Societies with Restricted Liability.

PLATINUM caters to all areas of international business ventures, including financing, investment-related and manufacturing/ export and mining activities. PLATINUM is a results-driven company. We make a tangible contribution to the success of our clients by offering tailored active business, accounting and corporate services. We at PLATINUM demand results!

Our client base varies from small entrepreneurial to multinational Fortune 500 companies, and from medium-sized to publicly-listed entities. Our fully computerized office is conveniently located in a major financial district just outside of the capital city of Bridgetown.

What value does PLATINUM contribute to its clients’ Barbados subsidiaries?

  • Central management and control guidelines
  • Implementation of international tax planning and operational arrangements
  • Compliance with local laws
  • Personalized, hands-on, assertive managerial oversight
  • Experienced, multi-talented, professional staff
  • Confidentiality, integrity and commitment
  • Established relationships with numerous industry caretakers (e.g. attorneys, accountants, offices of government, etc.) to meet all corporate issues.

What value-added services does PLATINUM provide to its clients?

Our professional staff has been offering a broad range of offshore services from our fully computerized office facility, located in a popular financial district:

  • Customized, transparent reporting systems that are fundamental to good corporate governance
  • Financial and investment accounting, bookkeeping, and full reporting requirements including budgeting, cash flows, day-to-day accounting and financial analysis
  • Payroll
  • Preparation and filing of statutory tax returns
  • Preparation of all information required for a financial audit & management of the audit process
  • Managing relationships/transactions with various banking institutions
  • Company formations
  • Specialized or general administrative services, maintenance of records/files, & dealing with statutory and corporate governance requirements such as licence renewals
  • Provision of qualified, local directors
  • Planning Directors’ and Shareholders meetings, etc.
  • Provision of Registered office, nominee director and corporate secretarial services

Why Conduct Global Business from Barbados?

  • Long history of political and economic stability
  • Regulatory environment meets international best practices
  • Forward thinking legislation and effective regulation to encourage legitimate international business
  • High quality physical infrastructure and support services, including excellent telecommunications, major international banks and accounting functions
  • High statutory level of confidentiality
  • Cost competitive and business friendly environment
  • Expanding network of tax treaties and investment agreements with countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America
  • Attractive business incentives
  • Preferred location for international companies seeking to outsource some of their key services offshore
  • Business capital of the Caribbean, with direct air travel links to North America and Europe.
  • Stable banking system

Why Retain Platinum’s Expertise?


  • is a cost-effective and flexible alternative to establishing a fully staffed operation in Barbados.
  • performs the management functions for active business with a focus on Central Management & Control
  • performs the compliance requirements
  • eliminates office set up costs and drastically reduce operating costs
  • shortens the learning curve for operating in a foreign environment


The Barbados International Business Association (BIBA)
The Barbados Chamber of Commerce & Industry
The Toronto Board of Trade
The Vancouver Board of Trade
Canadian Tax Foundation

International Business

IBC’s Services Incorporated

We are a registered Company regulated under the laws of Barbados, established in 2008. The main activity of IBC Services is the provision of corporate and administrative services tailored to the specific needs of international business companies and local companies in Barbados.

With a qualified and experienced professional staff, we are well positioned to offer a high level of service in the legal and corporate spheres, and are particularly geared to the Spanish speaking Latin American markets.

Our standards of service are based on the market demands imposed by the globalization and the imminent growth of competitiveness within the financial services industry. Therefore, our focus and primary vision is to provide a high quality efficient service to our clients.

Our Services

  • Registration of International Business Companies, Organization of International Societies with Restricted Liability and Incorporation of Domestic Companies
  • Registration of External Companies in Barbados
  • Translation services
  • Issuance of legal and corporate documentation
  • Continuous legal advice
  • Assistance in the appointment of local directors in Barbados
  • Assistance in the appointment of local accountants
  • Assistance to open and manage corporate bank accounts with local banks
  • Continuous update and provision of information regarding changes in the legislation and news related to the international business companies in Barbados
  • Continuance of Companies in Barbados
  • Discontinuance of Companies in Barbados
  • Dissolution of Companies
  • Assistance in tourism, accommodation and transportation in Barbados
  • Assistance in real estate and setting up corporate offices in Barbados
International Business

Tricor Caribbean Limited

About Tricor

Tricor Group (“Tricor”), a member of The Bank of East Asia Group, is a global provider of integrated Business, Corporate and Investor Services. Tricor has built its reputation and professional expertise through the acquisition of certain practices from major international accounting and professional firms as well as through organic growth and development. Tricor offices are located in Hong Kong (Head office), Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Brunei, Indonesia, Labuan, Macau, Mainland China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

Tricor Caribbean

The Barbados location of the Tricor Group offers a range of corporate and business administration services to enable you to focus on building your business. Our team of qualified professionals provides value-added expertise in a range of business areas, including company formations and licensing, company maintenance, company secretarial, registered agent and registered office services, accounting, book-keeping, data processing, payroll and treasury services.

Our People

Our multi-disciplined team of very experienced professionals is supported by modern technology and systems, delivering high-quality, fast and efficient services to meet your specific needs. We work very closely with our business partners to implement and manage solutions for our clients. Through its network of strategic alliances in the Caribbean, the Tricor team in Barbados has experience in providing multi-jurisdictional coordination services. We work with professionals in each jurisdiction to efficiently coordinate, execute and manage structures.

Our Clients

Our client portfolio includes Fortune 500 subsidiaries, other large multinationals using Barbados for their international investment needs, as well as a blend of private enterprises operating in the Caribbean region.

Our Business Partners

Our business partners include major international accounting and law firms, as well as leading investment and private banks. These close strategic partnerships empower us to offer progressive and innovative consultancy and business solutions to our clients.

Tricor Caribbean’s Main Services

Corporate Services

  • Incorporation/registration, licensing and organization of all types of corporate entities
  • Corporate restructuring, including amalgamations and share reorganizations
  • Corporate Migrations/Continuances
  • Provision of corporate directorship services
  • Providing a corporation as named secretary
  • Provision of registered office and registered agent services
  • Preparation for and attendance at directors’ and shareholders’ meetings
  • Preparation of minutes
  • Maintenance of statutory records
  • Voluntary dissolution and winding up
  • Performance of corporate due diligence reviews
  • Applications for certain permissions and registration of foreign
  • funds with the Central Bank
  • Establishment of bank accounts
  • Business office and address

Business Services

  • Accounting
  • Data Processing
  • Invoicing
  • Maintaining general ledger and other accounting records
  • Preparing financial statements and other specialized reports
  • Payroll and Treasury services
  • Management of bank accounts and facilitation of banking transactions

Coordination Services

  • Multi-jurisdictional coordination of services from set up to dissolution or migration of different types of entities
  • Coordinated Tricor services and activities to effectively manage affairs and execute transactions
  • Facilitate and coordinate all services to the corporations including other professional advisors