LED Lighting

Caribbean LED Lighting Inc.

About Caribbean LED Lighting

Caribbean LED Lighting Inc. (CLL) was born out of a passion for all things environmental, reducing our carbon footprint and helping our Customers do the same. That is why we focused on LED lighting. Headquartered in Barbados and with distribution locations in Grand Cayman, Jamaica and Trinidad we manufacture, distribute and sell LED lighting across the Caribbean and Central America’s.


At Caribbean LED Lighting Inc we offer the below services:

  • Comprehensive Energy Audits with LEED Practitioners
  • Lighting Audits/Surveys
  • Payback and Wattage Comparisons
  • Lighting Level Measurements
  • Free Proposals
  • Free Deliveries over $200
  • Environmental Protection through CFL and FL Lighting Disposal
  • Available Competitive Financing with interest calculated on a reducing balance