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Hope Foundation

Hope Foundation

Hope Foundation is an organisation aimed at being an umbrella of the lesser known chronic conditions not already represented in Barbados.

Its primary objective is to bring hope to the chronically ill, their relatives and friends, through the dissemination of information and the establishment of strong support mechanisms, to improve the quality of life of those who are affected.

Profile of Hope Foundation

Hope Foundation, founded in May 1991, has stuck steadfastly to its primary objective which is creating an awareness of the lesser known chronic illnesses. This has been successfully executed by a group of dedicated and committed volunteers who work well together while sharing a common vision of quality living for all. This has been accomplished against a backdrop of honesty whereby the organisation maintains transparency in all its undertakings.

Hope Foundation has over the last eleven (11) years:

  • Established strong support mechanisms that have allowed our clients to enjoy improved well-being through patient advocacy, encouraged institutional changes. For example, Sickle Cell patients are now seen in the Accident and Emergency department with the same priority as asthmatics
  • Provided opportunities for patients to be constantly educated about their conditions through workshops for newly diagnosed patients
  • Facilitated continuous updating on recent research and treatment through hosting medical conferences.
  • Encouraged better dialogue between doctors and patients. This was particularly evident during the 1st International Conference for Lupus Patients, hosted in Barbados in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, which attracted world renowned physicians and researchers, while bringing to our shores lupus patients from all over the world.
  • Initiated the establishment of the Caribbean Lupus Association in 1997
  • Participated in the establishment of the Caribbean Organisation of Sickle Cell Associations which is led by Prof. Graham Sergeant, a leading exponent on sickle Cell and the founder of the Sickle Cell Research Centre at Mona Campus, Jamaica.
Walwit House,Pinfold Street,St. Michael, Barbados
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