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The Barbados Community Foundation

The Barbados Community Foundation was established on the 16th day of November 1999, as a private charitable foundation under the charities Act, Cap. 243. The concept of a Community Foundation is widely accepted, and has proven to be credible.

The purpose of the Barbados Community Foundation is to enhance the quality of life in Barbados by sourcing and managing funds, which will be distributed to needy organizations or individuals at the discretion of the trustees.

The Barbados Community Foundation has to date donated approximately $3.8 million to various worthwhile causes within Barbados’ community. We have made donations to assist a wide range of organizations and charities, ranging from elderly people to children, the disabled and visually impaired; the medical aspect of our community through the Cancer Society, HIV/AIDS, Diabetes and Kidney Associations. We have also assisted those in sports, as well as the Special Olympics of Barbados.

The BCF receives several requests for assistance during the year. As soon as a request is received, the Donations Coordinator meets with the individual or organization requesting assistance, assesses the need and prepares a report for the Donations Committee. These reports guide the committee in making a determination on how we may best assist the individual or organization.

Once a donation is approved, the Donations Coordinator maintains a relationship with the recipient to ensure that the funds are being used efficiently, and to lend any further assistance, if necessary.

A donor also has the option to donor direct their funds to any specific charity or individual, and if they require the help of the BCF, we will assist them in maintaining a relationship with their specific charity of choice to ensure that the funds are used effectively.

The Trustees of The Barbados Community Foundation are: Paul Altman, Brian Barnes, Trevor Carmichael, Geoffrey Cave, Terry Hanton and Oliver Jordan.

The Barbados Community FoundationC/o Altman Real Estate,Derricks,St. James, Barbados
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