The Expatriate

The Expatriate

Relocating can be an exciting, yet demanding experience. While embarking on a new adventure, many individuals are uncertain about what lies ahead.
The Expatriate understands this unique challenge and seeks to make the expat’s relocation to Barbados as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

We offer a personalised service to help clients in many areas such as securing a new home, obtaining a driver’s license and car, finding appropriate schooling for expat children and even providing networking opportunities. We partner with individuals throughout the entire process; from the assessment trip until their complete integration into the community. Furthermore, we provide a concierge service while on the island; affording you valuable time to indulge in the things that matter most. It would be our pleasure to take that time-consuming list off your hands!

Our support service can be utilised by Expatriates and Organisations that employ global talent, to achieve a seamless relocation to Barbados. Our team of local experts and partners understand the laws and practices of the country; saving you time and money.

We are your quintessential relocation service!




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