Concorde Bank Ltd.
Concorde Bank Limited
The Corporate Centre,
Bush Hill & Bay Street,
St. Michael BB14038
Phone: (246) 430-5320
Fax: (246) 429-7996

Concorde Bank is an independent private bank founded in Barbados in 1987 and modelled on a modern version of traditional private banking institutions. Concorde Bank’s founders include industrialists, financiers and wealth managers. We offer a unique and tailored service covering a broad range of financial services.

Since inception our mission has been to offer a high degree of personalised services to a wide-ranging international and sophisticated client base. We prioritise customer care and personalised services, whether for individual, professional or corporate clients.

We are also committed to protecting the interests of our clients and comply with international legal and regulatory requirements and best practices.

Concorde Bank is regulated by the Central Bank of Barbados and the Financial Services Commission of Barbados in their respective capacities.

We pride ourselves on the level of commitment and professionalism of our staff and service providers.

Our services include:

  • Foreign exchange transactions and transfers
    • Concorde Bank deals in all major currencies, including the U.S. Dollar, Euro and Pound Sterling, and provides a worldwide money wiring service.
  • Deposits
    • We offer a range of accounts in all major currencies and can also provide term deposit accounts at prevailing market rates, as well as fiduciary and escrow deposits.
  • Loan and guarantee facilities
    • We can accommodate our clients’ borrowing requirements in most major currencies, together with requests for collateralised guarantees.
  • Corporate and individual accounts
    • Concorde Bank can provide accounts to individuals, corporations and other entities.
  • International custody services
    • We offer comprehensive facilities for holding internationally traded securities or private equities. We work in collaboration with highly regarded international financial institutions providing a global network.
    • Our ability to combine administration and custody services provides our clients with a one-stop-shop solution.
  • Wealth management and estate planning
    • We provide our clients with tailored wealth management solutions and can also accommodate third-party mandates with an external manager of your choice. In addition we can assist you on the holding of various tangible assets including real estate and art works.
  • Trading and brokerage
    • In order to satisfy our clients’ best interests, our specialised team works closely with our correspondents in various world markets to obtain the most efficient service. We provide trading and brokerage services over the following instruments and more:
      • Shares and other traded securities
      • Fixed interest securities
      • Funds
      • Entity formation and administration

Concorde Bank can provide information on numerous structures that may be relevant to your business.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.